BizzInn Entrepreneur Information


Free space for Business Innovation by Start-up Enterprises

In the newly opened Business Incubator at Birmingham Research Park


If you are about to set up a new enterprise come and talk to us; to be eligible you need to pass the following simple tests:

  • Is your business new?
  • Is your business idea innovative in some way?

If you can answer YES to both questions you are potentially eligible to get:

  • FREE business space for up to 6 months with possible extension
  • Low all-in occupancy cost for a further 3 months
  • Support from University of Birmingham’s unparalleled business support services
  • Access to the University’s other services and facilities at preferential rates

What Facilities and Services are available?

  • 30 fully fitted Workstations
  • 24/7 access
  • hot-desks
  • Free basic business support
  • Small private offices
  • Free specialist business support
  • Meeting rooms/quiet areas
  • Free access to Bizz Inn visiting advisors
  • Informal seating areas
  • Free use of Bizz Inn meeting rooms
  • Exhibition space
  • Free access to Bizz Inn seminars
  • Self-service coffee/snacks  station
  • Free Basic IT support
  • A kitchen
  • Free display/exhibition space
  • Free car parking
  • Park rates for purchasing stationery

What do we ask in return?

  • That you work with us to develop your business plan
  • That over the initial 6 months you spend at least 2  days per week at BizzInn
  • That you will attend the business advice sessions that you agree with staff
  • That you interact positively with other entrepreneurs at BizzInn

Next steps:

Contact: Catherine Mansell on [email protected]

Am I eligible?

Your business must:

  • be new – as a guideline, less than 3 years since first registration with HMCR, but negotiable
  • be independent – not connected with another established business
  • not currently be in commercial premises – please inform us of any previous premises used

ALSO the business should fit into one of the following categories:

  • be knowledge or technology based or deliver services in a novel manner  – OR
  • be innovative in some other way – our Staff will advise what’s appropriate – OR
  • be a student enterprise  –  not just University of Birmingham  – OR
  • be run by a member of University of Birmingham staff

FINALLY the business should

  • not obviously displace other existing businesses through having 6 months rent-free

If in doubt about your eligibility please ask us

When can I move in?

You can use Bizz Inn on a regular basis after your Application Form has been accepted and you sign a Licence Agreement – this will entitle you to a Bizz Inn Voucher

What does the Bizz Inn Voucher give me?

You will be able to use Bizz Inn virtually free as follows:

  • No need to pay us Rent, Rates or Service Charges  for 6 months less 1 day – worth £6,500
  • Voucher scheme ends  in 2014 so voucher period may be less towards the end of that year
  • Eligible clients to go onto Waiting List if no space available

What do I have to do?

  • Disclose previous business activities & confirm you are not barred from directing a company
  • Comply with our policies and procedures
  • Agree to your business being used for publicity, subject to reasonable confidentiality

What happens at the end of the Voucher period?

Staff will review your Business Development Programme and may agree one of the following:

  • An extension of the Voucher period in Bizz Inn
  • A paid licence elsewhere in the Park but with continued access to Bizz Inn
  • A virtual tenancy of the Park