BizzInn Supporter Information


Supporters Information


Bizz Inn is providing support for new and recent start-up businesses to develop and grow. We offer a six month rent-free period during which a business can get established. We have used money from the Higher Education Innovation Fund provided to the University of Birmingham by Government to fit-out a floor within Birmingham Research Park and provide a core support staff.

Our aim is to build up a group of supporters from external organisations and individuals who are passionate about growing local businesses. You will be able to complement the services provided by our own staff to assist our start-ups. You may already have a relationship with the University of Birmingham, Alta Innovations or Birmingham Research Park, or you may wish to develop one; alternatively, you may just wish to support local businesses.


To register, you will need

  • Appropriate professional qualifications and/or association memberships
  • Appropriate experience of supporting businesses
  • To not be disqualified from running/directing a business or providing services


You will be asked to

  • Define the approximate area of support you can offer to start-ups
  • Not make charges for supporting clients on the Bizz Inn Voucher Scheme
  • Subsequently charge Bizz Inn Clients only on receipt of written approval from Bizz Inn staff


In return, we offer

  • Association of your company name with future Bizz Inn publicity
  • Free use of
    • Hot-desks
    • Bizz Inn Exhibition Space
    • Bizz Inn meeting rooms
    • The coffee area
    • Reasonable access to the University through Bizz Inn staff
    • Bizz Inn sponsorship opportunities